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Jump Rodgers impressed with Balotelli, but

Jump Rodgers impressed with Balotelli, but

Jump Rodgers impressed with Balotelli, but

Liverpool Brendan Rodgers was impressed with what was shown Mario Balotelli in training sessions with the team this week. But Balotelli still asked more hard work and keeping the performance on the pitch.

After completing his move earlier this week, Balotelli started practicing with his teammates at Melwood. The Italian striker had actually practiced alone with the coaching staff shortly before the Reds face Manchester City.

In the practice session Balotelli looks quickly blend in with his teammates and he often joked with several players. In addition, performance is assessed okay in the practice session.

Mario good one. He has adapted very well and looks fantastic in training sessions,” Rodgers said as quoted by Sky Sports.

He’s a player who mannered. He is very focused on performance and he has done very well so far,” he continued.

He moved to Merseyside. He tried to blend in with the club and the people here, but more important is the game. I really want to see him be more developed in the next few years.”

However, Rodgers asks Balotelli to remain grounded and focused while maintaining good performance in games and practice sessions. Because Rodgers knew that at any time Balotelli could cause problems as they had done before.

“It’s not a matter of Mario Balotelli. He is a good player and talented., But he still had to work harder here,” he said.

We have a number of top players and stars in this team who always sacrifice for the team,” said Rodgers.

Balotelli likely will play his debut match when Liverpool visited Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday (31/8) night after tomorrow.