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Invisible Oezil Happy at Arsenal

Invisible Oezil Happy at Arsenal

Invisible Oezil Happy at Arsenal

London Former German national team player, Dietmar Hamann, claiming that Mesut Oezil not seem happy with Arsenal. Hamann also expressed concern about the future of Oezil.

Germany international playmaker is transported from Real Madrid to Arsenal with the value of the club’s transfer record-breaking. At the beginning of his arrival, Oezil so impressive though performance declined in the second half of the season.

However, Oezil was unforgivable’ because the Gunners helped break the fast with the title and the FA Cup trophy ended the season with 14 assists and seven goals in 42 appearances in all competitions.

Entering its second season, Ozil received criticism began diligently. Footballers bloody Turkey had not contributed in his fifth game with Arsenal, including when bent Borussia Dortmund 0-2 in the Champions League last night.

In that game, Ozil tub invisible’ so that was replaced early in the second half. However, not a few who argue that the poor performance Ozil because he played on the wing aka not his best position.

I do not know how Arsenal will take care of him,” said Hamann told talkSPORT. He’s been there for some time now. He did not seem happy, I do not know what was wrong with the boy. He performed well with Germany in the World Cup.”

The only position he could play in England is located behind the central striker. Playing was different in the UK are more intense, faster, and more rely on physical,” continued the former player who had reinforce Bayern Munich, Liverpool, and Manchester City .

If you buy a player for 42 million pounds they can not play well in every game, but when they do not play well, they can still play with the mediocre.”

Against Dortmund, he pulled out after 60 minutes late and you do not even know he was on the pitch. There is no one moment where you think it classy.” Nothing, Hamann value.