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Price Di Maria Rated expensiveness

Price Di Maria Rated expensiveness

Price Di Maria Rated expensiveness

Vienna Manchester United successfully brought class players despite not appearing in the Champions League this season. However, the International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES) Football Observatory assess no price is too high to bring the players.

Angel Di Maria is most highlighted by the CIES Football Observatory, and statistical analysis of football agency based in Switzerland. Agency affiliated with the University of Neuchatel was too high to assess MU estimate the price of the Argentina international. Di Maria of Real Madrid brought to Manchester United for a fee of 59.7 million pounds, equivalent to Rp 1.16 trillion.

Assessment was made CIES with many parameters. The factors used is the value of a previous transfer, the age of the players, the remaining duration of the contract, the club level players, number of games played, goals made, number of assists, dribble and tackles. In addition, the assessment team also noticed that the player dieprkuat.

Of the various aspects of it, CIES only give the price of 36 million pounds, equivalent to Rp 699.1 billion to Di Maria. But, CIES mention there is another factor that makes the value of Di maria soaring.

“Of course, Di Maria is an outstanding player. Value that appears associated with poor outcome (MU) at the beginning of the season, the results were not good last season, and the fact that players do not really want to leave Real Madrid and Real Madrid does not want and do not have the necessity to release the player. Raffaelle said Poli, co-founder of CIES, as quoted by the BBC.

In addition, Poly also considered too high MU measure Ander Herrera. According to Poli, Herrera had a price of 13 million pounds, but MU has to pay his buyout clause is 29 pounds. Similarly, when MU brings Luke Shaw. 18-year-old defender value should be less than 27 million pounds plus the cost of this was £ 5 million.

If MU had to pay higher prices, Luis Suarez Liverpool assessed dump to Barcelona with a tag too cheap. But Liverpool also get Mario Balotelli with a value below the price received by the Italian international players.

Balotelli contrary to Di Maria. (Value) Balotelli influenced behavior in the past. Whether inside or outside of the field also reflect the price,” said Poli.

In addition to some of the players at the top who do not get the right price, CIES also released the names of the other players in the value should be. Among other things, Demba Ba, Romelu Lukaku, Alvaro Morata and Danny Welbeck.