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Rome explanation about Sales Benatia

Rome explanation about Sales Benatia

Rome explanation about Sales Benatia

Rome AS Roma returned to speak about the sale of Mehdi Benatia. Through the director of sport Walter Sabatini, Roma disclose the reasons behind his decision to dump Benatia.

After her future speculation throughout transfer market last summer, Benatia eventually move to Bayern Munich. Rome it off with a tag of 28 million euros.

Some time ago, Benatia issued a statement that he sold because Rome needed money. Shortly thereafter, President of Rome, James Pallotta, issued a harsh rebuttal to comments by the Moroccan defender.

This would not be a prolonged polemic, Rome through Sabatini explains the reason behind the sale Benatia in a press conference on Thursday (11/09/2014) local time.

Pallotta has responded to this problem in detail. Bayern Munich has asked us to put an end to all of this dispute,” said Sabatini, as reported by the official website of Rome.

Sabatini denies the factor of money becomes the main reason for the move Benatia. Players were brought in from Udinese is called requesting renewal of a contract with a raise to five million euros per season for the duration of five years. But the demand can not be met by the Romans.

Know if Benatia had no desire to survive, Rome was finally decided to sell it.

In some ways, he is to be true but in other respects he screwed up. When we recruited him, he agreed to join despite our offer is lower than another offer he received from another Italian club,” said Sabatini.

In January, he came to me and said that he accepted the offer of a large, high enough so that we could not accommodate that and we are not interested to do so. Anyhow, we wanted to give him a fair contract renewal.”

We sell 28 million euros plus bonuses 4 million euros, 61 million euros is not like I‘m at the beginning, because he was no longer the same Benatia. He is no longer a person with such passion when he joined us. He did not want to be here again, “the former Palermo‘s sporting director.