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When ‘Sterling Dribbling like Ricky Villa and Kicking like Ricky Gervais’

When Sterling Dribbling like Ricky Villa and Kicking like Ricky Gervais

When 'Sterling Dribbling like Ricky Villa and Kicking like Ricky Gervais'

Liverpool Liverpool Youngster Raheem Sterling wasting an opportunity to make a beautiful goal against Tottenham Hotspur. Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers commented on the joke.

Sterling started the 3-0 victory for the Reds when a visit to the headquarters of The Lily Whites, Sunday (01/09/2014) evening hrs. In addition to the opening goal, the England international also had at least one golden opportunity in the second half.

As the game entered the 70th minute Sterling received the ball on the edge of the Spurs box. From the right side he then drove away from the skin round the opposing player as he went to the middle of the penalty area.

After showing the action giringan the ball yahud, Sterling then it shows the final settlement is very contradictory. As a result the ball was easily secured Spurs goalkeeper Hugo Lloris.

Rodgers commented on the wasted opportunity to bring up the name of Ricky Villa, Spurs legend (1978-1983) who once led Argentina to the 1978 World Cup winner, and Ricky Gervais, a British comedian.

Raheem ran into the penalty box as Ricky Villa and resolve these opportunities such as Ricky Gervais,” Rodgers joked on the Daily Mail.

With a more serious tone Rodgers then considered that the current Sterling has performed better. However, with the potential that he had Rodgers call the players can still be much more beautiful.

Raheem should be better again with his left foot. It is a moment of skill performance is captivating and he again played fantastic for us. He is now more tactically aware, and for a young man 19 years he is so nice.

“I do not see it as a (player number) 10, I thought he was flexible. Flexibility and you‘ve seen it very perfectly against the Spurs. Important that he has the intelligence to play in different positions and he developed it well,” said Rodgers.