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Invincible Chelsea in this season? maybe Only

Invincible Chelsea in this season? maybe Only

Invincible Chelsea in this season? maybe Only

London Chelsea‘s performance so far looks very scary. If there should be another team who were unbeaten throughout the season, maybe it was them.

As stated by manager Neil Warnock’s Crystal Palace on the team that will face Chelsea on Saturday (10/18/2014) tomorrow, in the Premier League.

Of the 7 matches of the Blues won 6 times, not lost, and scored 21 goals, aka average 3 goals per game. The competition is still extremely long, but Warnock had boasted” that Jose Mourinho’s squad could achieve what he did to Arsenal in the summer 2003/2004: champion untouched defeat.

“Maybe. If we look at the Arsenal team at the time, I think this team is getting closer to perfect. Solid on all fronts.’s Not much weakness in this team,” said Warnock cited ESPNFC.

I talk to the media last season, that they could be champions. How they almost reach it without an attacker, it was incredible. Now they have a top-class striker Diego Costa inside. Jose definitely confident of winning the title this season.”

Warnock could well be trying to lull” Mourinho and his team for their fight tomorrow. Moreover Palace at 8 last week managed to beat Chelsea last season, which makes John Terry et al. lost crucial points to become champion.

However, this time Warnock also believed, Mourinho has found a way out of the problems they encounter in the middle of last season.

He recruited good players., But if they pick up a striker in January, they certainly won (last season). So, we need to make a super effort to beat them,” he concluded.

Palace is currently ranked 15th with 8 points, 2 wins, 2 draws, and three defeats.