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Together Inzaghi, Milan Muntari Pede So the play in Serie A

Together Inzaghi, Milan Muntari Pede So the play in Serie A

Together Inzaghi, Milan Muntari Pede So the play in Serie A

Milan Filippo Inzaghi Arrival positive impact on the appearance of Milan in Serie A this early. Midfielder Sulley Muntari was optimistic that the Rossoneri will be play in the domestic league and the Champions League will be able to penetrate.

Together Inzaghi, Milan wade first six games in Serie A with ranks fifth. Milan have 11 points from three wins and two draw.

Nicks was more okay than the same week last season. Massimiliano Allegri dealt with at that time, Milan won only nine points from two wins, two draws and losing the rest.

Pippo is a great coach, who is able to motivate you, to make you always focus, respect you, and give you the stimulation. Always defend him,” said Muntari told Football Espana.

And the best of him is he educating you about football, he makes you understand what to do, how to move, where to be when in the middle of the field during the past two years it was there.

“I can not and will not say anything bad about the badAllegri and Seedorf, but now everything is different. Other changes also occur in the enthusiasm and ambition of the players Inzaghi brought enthusiasm and ambition that comes from a desire to restore the club to victory .

Milan have to do it, Milan should be higher, into the play in Italy and in the Champions League. We did not miss any of the techniques, we mepunyai the players that every time and every moment to make a difference. We do not need Cristiano Ronaldo, what we need is confidence, “said Ghana’s international players.

Milan was posted results that were far from the expectations of the team last season. They ended last season with no seventh. Incision was stained with three times the change of coach. Mauro had handled caretaker Tasotti after removing position coach Allegri, Milan Clarence Seedorf then polished.

Then Seedorf replaced Inzaghi on June 9 this year. In the first game, Inzaghi directly provide evidence to deliver Lazio Milan won 3-0.