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Podolski frustration

Podolski frustration

Podolski frustration

Agen Casino Lukas Podolski back expressed his frustration because rarely played at Arsenal. German international striker wants to show off, but could not do so because it was not given a chance.

Although not injured, Podolski getting very little playing time this season. The arrival of Danny Welbeck and Alexis Sanchez made it more often become heated bench.

Podolski had lowered in eight games. However, he only once so the starter, it was in the English League Cup competition.

I spent the last four months for brief appearances,” said Podolski told ESPN.

I had to warm myself with winter coats plus hats and scarves to watch the other players in action,” he continued.

I prefer to show Arsenal what I can do. But, the opportunity to show it is not given to me,” said the 29-year.

I want to play in the years to come. So, do I have to say everything was fine and waiting for the contract runs out?” he says.

If the situation has not improved, Podolski who previously pleaded not intend to leave Arsenal now beginning to consider the possibility of moving the club.

“Right now, anything is possible,” he said.