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Charlie Austin Already Create Wenger Impressed

Charlie Austin Already Create Wenger Impressed

Charlie Austin Already Create Wenger Impressed

London Queens Park Rangers striker Charlie Austin appeared as a surprise today. Performance is already making Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has been impressed.

Previous Austin inaudible name in the arena of the Premier League, also was predicted to compete with a wide top attackers Sergio Aguero and Diego Costa. Compared to players 25 years, figures such as Wayne Rooney, Robin van Persie, Alexis Sanchez, and Daniel Sturridge might be championed.

In fact, Austin precisely so far performed better than some of the names. In the league he has recorded a total of 11 goals, only to lose Aguero (14 goals) and Costa (12 goals). An incision is impressive given in support play, QPR clearly far behind Manchester City and Chelsea.

Traced further, Austin holds enormous contribution to QPR this season goes. The Hoops until now only collecting 20 goals, meaning that 55% of the team’s goals were donated Austin. In comparison, the percentage contribution terhadapan City Aguero was 39% while Costa against Chelsea only’ 32%.

It is not surprising that Austin so players who will be very wary of Arsenal in the Boxing Day game at the Emirates Stadium on Saturday (12/27/2014) pm dawn. While Wenger admitted to salute the players who previously poor across leagues under the division.

Austin began his career in the Hellenic League Division, the divisions that exist in the ninth or ten pyramid British competition in 2006-2007. Two seasons in this division, he then played in the Wessex League Division located at equivalent level for two seasons.

In 2009-2010, Austin get a chance to ride caste to defend the League One Swindon Town. Just two seasons, the next opportunity to come together and bring players born Burnley Hungerford to the Championship. Three seasons with Burnley, Austin then moved to QPR, who then brought him promotion to the top division, the Premier League, in the second year.

First, he was a British striker who played in the lower divisions and managed to climb to the top. You have to congratulate him for it, because it shows the mental strength and persistence,” Wenger told the club‘s official website.

Mental strength is very important at the top level. Secondly, it can bring some idea that there might be some other players in the lower division there are good enough to go up to the Premier League and did not get the chance.”

Congratulations to him and also those who have given him a chance,” said he.