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Formation Mutually Profitable Can Called the ‘Red Devils’

Formation Mutually Profitable Can Called the ‘Red Devils

Formation Mutually Profitable Can Called the 'Red Devils'

Manchester In a season that has not lasted halfway, Manchester United have yet to find a formation that really so grip. Nevertheless, it is deemed to have a positive impact.

‘Red Devils’ success fifth straight win by beating Southampton 2-1 at St Mary’s, Tuesday (09/12/2014) pm dawn. After the match, the United manager, Louis van Gaal, admitted that his team performed poorly and get the win because shaded luck.

Playing with three defenders at the back, plus two wingback, namely Antonio Valencia and Ashley Young, United did appear less dominant. Even in the early days of the first half, their back line looks awkward.

If the formation of three people back to work very well in the game against Arsenal Beloved to Her Lover where they hit back for the Gunners with a counterattack–, this time the formation and the strategy is not going well against Southampton. United’s two goals in the game against the Saints came from a mistake by the defense and dead-ball situations.

Therefore, the formation of three defenders are considered not good enough for United. This is not the first time United play with the formation of three defenders behind. When defeated Swansea 1-2 in the opening match of the season, United have also used the same formation.

When the formation of three defenders did not give quite good results at the beginning of the season, Van Gaal replaced it with a 4-1-3-2 formation diamond. This formation gives some positive results for United, but Van Gaal is still not satisfied. Manager Dutchman judge, his team is not playing with a balanced –Just nice in the first 60 minutes, but faltered in the 30 minutes remaining.

As a result, Van Gaal back into a 4-1-4-1 formation replace. With these formations, United are more difficult to score, but also less conceded, according to Van Gaal. He also said, the balance of which she was looking for was there in the 4-1-4-1 formation.