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Koeman Already Satisfied with One Point

Koeman Already Satisfied with One Point

Koeman Already Satisfied with One Point

Southampton Differences with Jose Mourinho, Ronald Koeman just grateful draw obtained Southampton when he met Chelsea. Although the Blues have a better quality, but in fact able to compensate Soton.

In the match held at St Mary‘s Stadium, Sunday (28/12) night, Sadio Mane bring Soton ahead in the 16th minute before equated Eden Hazard at the end of the first half.

Chelsea is actually likely to get a penalty in the 55th minute when Cesc Fabregas Sotoin player is tackled in the box. But instead of awarding 12 right kick, the referee instead gave a yellow card for diving Fabregas considered.

Inevitably this makes Mourinho furious not to play and call the referee’s decision as a scandal”. However Koeman actually satisfied with the outcome of the match.

Called Soton been playing well and is able to reduce any pressure which launched the Chelsea players, especially in the second half. Even Chelsea are not given a chance at all Soton shoot on goal in the second half.

Obviously in the second half Chelsea were the better team. But they could not make a lot of opportunities because I think our game is very remarkable today. The spirit of the players is fantastic and that is the key of the draw today,” said Koeman was quoted as saying by Sky Sports .

Of course it feels frustrating conceded before the break round. Of different if you are entering a period of respite to 1-0, rather than 1-1, but we were still able to keep our spirit in the second half and that’s important,” he continued.

I am proud of the results today and also the players. This result has shown everything.”