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Although Seasoned Controversy, Benitez Call Napoli Deserved Win

Although Seasoned Controversy, Benitez Call Napoli Deserved Win

Although Seasoned Controversy, Benitez Call Napoli Deserved Win

Naples – Napoli victory over Genoa seasoned related controversy two goals from Gonzalo Higuain Il Partenopei. The coach, Rafael Benitez, declined to comment about the referee and called his team deserved to win.

In the match of the 20th week of Serie A at the San Paolo, Tuesday (27/01/2015) pm dawn, Napoli already ahead in the seventh minute goal by Higuain who survive until halftime.

In the second half Genoa evened the score 1-1 through Iaqo Falque in the 56th minute, before the second goal Higuain by white dots in the 75th minute to ensure three points Napoli.

The victory may be sued stronghold Genoa will feel two goals Higuain invalid. The first Higuain has been in an offside position when receiving feedback breakthrough Jose Callejon, while in the second goal actually Juraj Kucka not violate Higuain in the penalty box.

Responding to the controversy that surrounds the win, Benitez chose not much to comment on. For him there is already proving statistics indeed Napoli deserves full points in the game.

Napoli has recorded a total of 14 shots with six led to the goal, while Genoa only has 9 with four on target. Both teams had control of the ball itself balanced ie 50:50.

“I always said that I do not want to talk about the referee. If we analyze each incident, then I would Genoa trouble filing a complaint,” Benitez said on Football Italia.

“We’ve seen that we can win by scoring two goals in 10 opportunities that come. I’m not going to say anything about the referee. I just want to talk about the game,” he continued.

“I think clearly visible Napoli so superior throughout the game. I saw 10 incidents that deserve to be analyzed, but I am not the type of coach Serie A who likes to talk about the referee. I’m only talking about the referee once this season.”

“Obviously I’m happy ami based around, but the results were not quite as we had three or four chances to double our advantage and throw it away. Genoa and then react, but we deserved this victory.”