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Mancini Flirt Yaya Toure

Mancini Flirt Yaya Toure

Mancini Flirt Yaya Toure

Milan – Inter Milan coach Roberto Mancini seems still trying to tempt Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure. Mancini believes Yaya Toure should try tasting play in Serie A.

Mancini was the one who asked to bring Toure to City in 2010. Under her care, the Ivory Coast international midfielder was transformed into one of the toughest in Europe today.

In recent years, Mancini reportedly save the desire to be working again with Toure at Inter, along with the player’s future speculation vigorous blows. However, to issue Etihad Toure will not w ell as City is not interested to take it off.

Toure contract with the City remained until the summer of 2017. Mancini assess Toure is a distinguishing figure in every team that defended.

“Yaya is one of the best players in the world today,” said Mancini told Il Giornale, as quoted by Football Italia. “He’s still going to like it (if he came to Italy). He has played for many teams.”

“He never played in Belgium, Russia, Spain, and England but he has not tasted Italy. It will be a great opportunity for him to come and try.”

“We spring to build a team, but there are many players who suddenly changed the face of a team and Yaya is one of them,” he added.