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Napoli Crop Distance to Roma After Conquer Sassuolo

Napoli Crop Distance to Roma After Conquer Sassuolo

Napoli Crop Distance to Roma After Conquer Sassuolo

Naples – Napoli successfully take the full amount when host Sassuolo with a 2-0 win. Three additional points to make them attenuate the backwardness of AS Roma in second place standings.

Entertaining Sassuolo in San Paolo, Tuesday (24/02/2015) pm dawn, Napoli appear pressed since the beginning of the fight. But it is not easy to Partenopei penetrate his defenses.

It took 61 minutes to break the deadlock when Duvan Zapata put them ahead. Nine minutes after the goal, Zapata returned to contribute to creating a goal assists for Marek Hamsik.

Two-goal lead, Napoli even had to lose one player after Dries Mertens referee red-carded. He was immediately expelled after a tackle against Simone Missiroli from behind. Despite losing the number of players, Napoli finally able to maintain position and win.

With this victory, Napoli are now living within three points of Roma in second. Protege Rafael Benitez has the value 45 of 24 matches. While Sassuolo finished 12th with 29 points.

The game

Ten minutes walk game, Sassuolo pose a threat. First by kicking Domenico Berardi who was off to the right. Not long hose turn Antonio Floro Flores, but this time wide to the left.

An effort was launched Napoli reply five minutes later. But Duvan Zapata kick from outside the penalty box not meet the target because it leads to the left of the goal.

Marek Hamsik get the next chance for Napoli in the 20th minute. Just kick able arrested Andrea Consigli in the lower right corner of the goal.

Berardi dangerous puncture into the Napoli defense in the 29th minute. After passing Kalidou Koulibaly, his shot just wide to the left.

Napoli got two chances ahead of the first half ended. The first header from a corner just Koulibaly welcome soar. Next kick Jose Callejon also end up more or less the same, after the forward cross Faouzi Ghoulam.

The four-minute second-half run, Zapata threatened by Christian Maggio header welcomes feedback. Not meet the target. Not long hose, turn Maggio gore Callejon, yet fruitless because wide to the left.

In the 54th minute, Sassuolo reply punched through Berardi kick from outside the penalty box. Only slightly to the left of goalkeeper Mariano Andujar.

In the 61st minute, Napoli ahead. Zapata to puncture into the penalty box, although besieged four players, he could kick off horizontally to the lower left corner of the goal.

In the 70th minute, Marek Hamsik of Napoli doubled their advantage. Zapata who get the bait in the penalty box was waiting for Hamsik approaching ball. The ball is then presented to Hamsik, which ended with a curved kick into the right corner of the goal.

Only a minute later, Napoli have lost one player. Dries Mertens directly referee red-carded after a tackle to Simone Missiroli from behind.

Superior number of players, Sassuolo started pressing Napoli. In the 77th minute, Francesco Magnanelli kick towards goal but was unable to stop Andujar.

In the midst of pressure Sassuolo, Napoli had some time to counterattack. One of them in the 87th minute with a shot from the right side box Callejon penalty. But only deviated slightly to the left.

There are no other goals in the remaining time, the game was over for victory Napoli.


Napoli: Andujar; Maggio, Albiol, Koulibaly, Ghoulam; Gargano, David Lopez; Gabbiadini (Mertens 66 ‘), Hamsik (De Guzman 82’), Callejon (Mesto 89 ‘); Zapata

Sassuolo: Consigli; Antei (Biondini 11 ‘), Cannavaro (Bianco 22’), Acerbi, Gazzola; Taider (Lazarevic 78 ‘), Magnanelli, Missiroli; Berardi, Zaza, Floro Flores