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Reject Bids Villa, Lambert Want to Prove Yourself in Liverpool

Reject Bids Villa, Lambert Want to Prove Yourself in Liverpool

Reject Bids Villa, Lambert Want to Prove Yourself in Liverpool

Liverpool – Rickie Lambert actually have a chance to move to Aston Villa and a regular place there. But it was rejected in order to prove he can contribute a lot to Liverpool.

Moving from Southampton last summer, Lambert did manage to realize his dream of playing in his favorite club, Liverpool. But six months of red-red uniforms, Lambert’s career is not as desired.

He only played 26 times in all competitions with a total of 1,007 minutes of time appear to make only three goals. Lambert himself still unable to compete with Daniel Sturridge and Raheem Sterling.

Naturally, if the future speculated in the January transfer window and he mentioned going to be released to other clubs. One of them is the Villa, which directly bid at the end of the transfer window.

Moreover Villa indeed need a new striker because at that time they were hard to make goals. But in the end Lambert instead remain in Liverpool.

Though the chance to play regularly could get her together Villa. However Lambert did not want to take that option because he was curious to shine with Liverpool.

“I was called a coach that there was an offer from Aston Villa. He did not want me to go. Basically he offered me the opportunity to play more, which was fair enough,” Lambert said on the team’s official website.

“The call came about four o’clock in the afternoon. I talked to an agent, my wife, Aston Villa, and I was almost moved actually,” he continued,

“But I could not do it. Everything is too short: I was there at Liverpool and I do not want to go in just over six months. I’ll remember exactly when to retire and will regret it more than anything.”

“In the end I got quite a lot of time to think about leaving Liverpool only after six months.”

“I know I could just go and start playing regularly and become the main striker, but I knew the moment it is still there – and there will be a moment where I could help the team and hopefully be able to get a few goals as well as the important moments.”

“Maybe in the next few years I will try to remember it again and would regret if I moved too fast. It’s not a bad thing for a move to Aston Villa. They are a very good club and I almost joined to it.”

“I know the team is playing very well at the moment and I do not want to appeal to the manager to ask for play. Now it all depends on me to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that exist, from now until the end of the season,” completion.