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Podolski and Arsenal stories Unfinished

Podolski and Arsenal stories Unfinished

Podolski and Arsenal stories Unfinished

Milan – Agent Lukas Podolski, Ali Petkas, has stated that the player will not continue his journey with Inter Milan next season. There is a possibility Podolski played in Turkey or … back to play at Arsenal.

Petkas revealed that in the summer of last year, Podolski was almost moved to Galatasaray. However, the transfer did not materialize. In the end, Podolski to stay at Arsenal if only for half a season again.

In the last winter transfer window, Podolski moved to Inter on loan. At Inter, performance highlighted because Podolski has not scored a single goal.

Criticism and scrutiny that, plus the absence of a clause to mempermanenkan status at the end of the season, make sure Podolski will not play for Inter next season. Podolski himself said, he could have come back to play for Arsenal next season.

“My story and Arsenal has not ended, there is no clause for mempermanenkan me late in the season,” said Podolski told Bild.

“I was the first to take the decision to talk with Inter and I say it myself, I do not want any of that clause. Therefore, if there are, they are so have the right to mempermanenkan me.”

“When a player is in the lending period, anything can happen. We will analyze the situation well at the end of the season before making further decisions.”

“At Inter, some negative situations do occur. But, I always look at the bright side,” said the German striker this.

Podolski, 29, joined Arsenal in 2012. As before being loaned to Inter, he appeared 60 times in the Premier League and scored 19 goals with costumes for the Gunners.