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Towards Liverpool, the ‘Red Devils’ Forget Results Counter Spurs

Towards Liverpool, the ‘Red Devils’ Forget Results Counter Spurs

Towards Liverpool, the 'Red Devils' Forget Results Counter Spurs

Manchester – Manchester United get slick provision against Liverpool, after frustrate Tottenham Hotspur 3-0 last weekend. But the ‘Red Devils’ will forget these results and focus to Liverpool.

Manchester United last weekend silencing Spurs with a 3-0 score. The results are so brilliant response protege of Louis van Gaal after losing 1-2 to Arsenal in the FA Cup at the previous party.

Moreover, the victory so valuable provision counter staring away games Liverpool, Sunday (03/22/2015) night this weekend. Good momentum that has been established clearly to be maintained. But MU conscious will need greater effort at Anfield later.

“We will come there eyeing the three points. We’ll be there to win, you do not go to one place to try to get a draw,” said Ashley Young, Manchester United winger told Sky Sports.

“The performance against Tottenham is brilliant, but we face a serious fight ahead of Liverpool. We have to start again on the right path and chasing three points again,” he added.

MU itself has not been consistent enough so far. In the last 10 games, they are able to reach seven wins, one draw, and only two defeats. It is not yet capable of stringing more than two consecutive wins.

Although not quite convincing, MU is called being in high confidence. Young denies the results over the Spurs give extra injection of morale.

“The moral of the team is always high. Confidence is also there. We previously clearly disappointed after the game against Arsenal. I said afterwards that these results will show how the team spirit and character, through how we rise up,” said the 29-year-old.