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Two Goals One Bow Fiorentina Inter Juventus

Two Goals One Bow Fiorentina Inter Juventus

Two Goals One Bow Fiorentina Inter Juventus

Turin – Fiorentina 2-1 win over Juventus in the Coppa Italia semi-final first leg. Both goals Viola on the game hired by a player on loan from Chelsea, Mohamed Salah.

Playing in front of their own supporters, Friday (6/3) pm dawn, Juventus direct hit. Two good chance Arturo Vidal obtained when the game runs two minutes. The first, the kick soared, while the second shot sideways.

Shortly thereafter, turn Fiorentina who get the opportunity through Jasmin Kurti?. However, midfielder kick back number 16 was still widening.

Fiorentina finally went ahead when the game entered the 11th minute. These goals came from a counterattack. Juventus corner kick can be driven by the Fiorentina defense and the ball was given to Mohamed Salah.

One then dribbled from midfield and successfully outperformed Simone Padoin through the race. He then went into the penalty box and fired a left-foot kick to conquer Juventus goalkeeper Marco Storari. One kick the ball sank into the top corner.

Juventus are playing with the 4-3-3 pattern in this game eventually equalize as the game entered the 24th minute. Goals preceded by a cross from the right side.

Simone Pepe with jelly release feed forward against Fiorentina, where Fernando Llorente and Kingsley Coman was ready welcome. Llorente first menngenai ball with a header, and sundulanya leads to the right side Fiorentina goalkeeper, Neto, can be driven without. Score became 1-1.

About a half hour running game, Kingsley Coman looked in pain after getting a tackle from Kurtic. Significantly, he could not continue the game and Carlos Tevez was played to replace it.

The entry of Tevez does not make Juventus immediately kicked to suppress the Fiorentina defense. Conversely, even their defense several times threatened by Fiorentina.

Fiorentina defender Jose Basanta, could get a chance, but his header was about goalposts. Meanwhile, a ball gag failed utilized by Mario Gomez.

At the beginning of the second half, Fiorentina again get a chance to score. But, this time header from Micah Richards still be driven by Storari.

When the game entered the 56th minute, Fiorentina finally winning again. Back, One who became miners goal.

Fiorentina’s second goal came from a mistake Claudio Marchisio who lost the ball when in-pressings by Joaquin. The ball is then given to the One who then dribbled into the penalty box and fired a directional kick. Fiorentina 2-1 ahead.

Juventus coach, Massimiliano Allegri, enter Alvaro Morata in the 59th minute and pull out Llorente. However, not Morata hereinafter get the opportunity to Juve, but Tevez. Argentine attacker is kicking off from close range, but can still be menghalaunya Neto.

In the remaining minutes of the game, although both teams are equally get the opportunity, no additional goals are created. Fiorentina benefit through two away goals in this match. The second leg will be held 8 April 2015.


Juventus: Storari, Caceres, Ogbonna, Bonucci, Padoin, Pogba, Marchisio, Vidal, Pepe (Pereyra 73), Coman (Tevez 37), Llorente (Morata 59).

Fiorentina: Neto, Rodriguez, Richards, Basanta, Alonso, Badelj (Aquilani 78), Mati Fernandez, Kurtic, Joaquin, One (Diamanti 74), Gomez (Ilicic 63).