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How to finalize Rooney Players As Team Captain

How to finalize Rooney Players As Team Captain

How to finalize Rooney Players As Team Captain

Manchester – Wayne Rooney running role as Manchester United captain well. Claiming to have their own leadership style, but Rooney also mentions the example of the captain’s predecessor in carrying out this role.

Besides concoction Van Gaal, okay appearance MU also touted thanks to Rooney’s role as team captain. He is a motivational injector fitting when the team is down.

In fact, later appearance MU is being rocketed. Red Devils recorded four important victory in the Premier League after being knocked out Arsenal in the FA Cup. Though opponents faced precisely teams finished in the top contenders. What do Rooney in the locker room?

“There is a right time when I had to talk to. I did it before we face Tottenham Hotspur (eventually won 3-0 on March 15) because I felt it had to do,” said Rooney told Sky Sport.

“We just picking a bad result in the FA Cup (losing 1-2 to Arsenal). I remind the target of the team to the players and the remaining matches. The players responded well and we also achieved the results okay,” he explained .

It has become the first season Rooney to captain Manchester United. He replaces Nemanja Vidic who moved to Inter Milan last year.

Maturity as captain was obtained from many people. Seniors, also captain of the opposing teams.

“You could follow the example of those who have a similar role previously. Indeed, there are different styles and different ways each person in carrying out the task. Similarly, I, I’ll do it my way and do whatever I thought best for the team. That’s the I do, “said the 29-year.

“Ryan Giggs is not the captain fully here but what he had done while still in the United greatly help this team. In fact, until today.

“There are also other leaders. As Roy Keane, Gary Neville and David Beckham. Also Steven Gerrard and John Terry are also okay as captain. But you can not say I’m going to be like them. I had to do in my own way,” said him.