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Liverpool and City Already, MU Now Shooting Chelsea

Liverpool and City Already, MU Now Shooting Chelsea

Liverpool and City Already, MU Now Shooting Chelsea

Manchester – The period of March and April are predicted to be difficult for Manchester United turned out to be passed with a very convincing. Statistics okay over top teams make the ‘Red Devils’ ready to continue at Stamford Bridge.

From early March to late April 2015 Manchester United face a series of games that will challenge initially called their effort into the top four. Consecutive no Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool, Aston Villa, Manchester City, Chelsea and Everton which they must deal.

So far the ‘Red Devils’ turns drove smooth and even very convincing. Spurs hit 3-0 at Old Trafford, the Reds were humiliated 1-2 at Anfield, won 3-1 victory at home to Villa and the last is the advantage over the Citizens with 4-2.

The culmination of heavy MU matches come in this weekend. At Stamford Bridge Chelsea will face the standings, Chelsea.

“We are confident to come to Chelsea. We’re in a good performance and has beaten some good teams. It will be a great test for us in Chelsea because they are the standings and the game is always difficult at Stamford Bridge,” said Wayne Rooney in the Telegraph.

If MU appears very okay when rolled City, Chelsea are not biting 1-0 win at home to Crystal Palace. Less dominant and a lot can be a threat, the Blues won thanks to goals from Cesc Fabregas ahead of the game completely.

“They are in a very good position, but there is still room for us continues to grow in big games, they are a team who look to attack. We felt in the match against City we managed to use it. We are even more difficult when the opponent to resign and survive,” continued Rooney.

Chelsea match with Manchester United will be held on Saturday (04/18/2015) night. The two teams meeting in the first half of the season at Old Trafford with a 1-1 complete.