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Yaya Toure Call Mancini as mentor

Yaya Toure Call Mancini as mentor

Yaya Toure Call Mancini as mentor

Manchester – Manchester City player Yaya Toure call Allenatore Inter Milan Roberto Mancini like her mentor. Toure also indicated could actually move to Inter as long as there is no challenge that he feels is right for him.

Speculation surrounds the future being in the City Toure. Moreover Mancini, who worked with him in the City, also has said his desire to reunite with the former players. On the other hand Toure also had great respect for Mancini.

“Mancini is a mentor to me,” said Toure to Footmercato quoted by Football Italia.

“He is an outstanding coach, it’s no secret I love the seasons when he became coach just as I please play for City today,” he continued.

Regarding the possibility to move to another club in the summer, Ivory Coast international insists the 31-year-old currently remains fully committed to the Citizens. If you later also lift the suitcase, Toure stated it is not driven by the lure of salaries. He was just looking for a challenge this time, the only reason that will he held in the decision – not money or broke down about future City manager Manuel Pellegrini’s is said to be dismissed at the end of the season.

“I’ve reached the stage now more interested in the sporting challenge that could be given a club than anything else. When I arrived at City, (Manuel) Pellegrini is not the manager, all the players and managers come and go. As I have said repeatedly, I have an obligation to the City fans to continue to fight for my time here is not over and I also owe the same thing to myself, “said Toure.

“My decision will not be influenced by the possibility of change of manager, but the challenge will be offered to me. There is no salary that would make me stay at a club if I think it is not the place for me, or if there is no challenge there for me. There was a time when the problem is not matter of numbers, but more than that, although the United Kingdom press seems more interested in numbers than the sport itself, “he explained.